Here's what you need to know:

      The first step is to email Iron Bear with all of the information you having regarding your project. If it's a comic to be lettered, we'll need page count, the artist working on the book, and maybe a short synopsis. You'll get an email back within 24 hours with a price quote, turn-around time, and contract.

      IBD's schedule varies based on the time of year, but appropriate lead time is highly recommended.

      If all is agreeable, send along your physical address and phone number, and a standard  Project Agreement, will be emailed back to you. The Agreement specifies the parties involved, the scope of the project, agreed upon fees, and specific dates, etc. The Artwork Release Form guarantees that any artwork and reference material you send to IBD is your property.

      Read these documents, (and/or have your legal representation advise you,) sign them, and send a digital copy back to IBD.

      For new clients, 50% of the total fee is due before work can begin. Exceptions are made for smaller projects that are being used as a proof of concept to be crowdfunded.

     IBD currently has a deal offering a free comic logo if they are signed on to do at least four issues of a series.

      Once your signed papers are returned, you'll get email confirmation that the project has been accepted, and you can send IBD your artwork, script, and any reference or placements you may have.​

  • For graphic design or logo design, each projects tends to have unique needs, so reference materials should be discussed in advance.

  • For lettering, IBD will need your artwork in CMYK TIFF format in at least 300dpi resolution, your final script in Word or RTF format (PDFs will not be accepted).

  • Artwork can be delivered via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or via FTP.


In the agreed upon time, you'll receive proofs of your project, and you may begin to do corrections and changes. There will be two rounds of corrections allowed before additional fees are added. Additional fees will apply if a page is entirely rewritten.

      Once the work is complete, you can send the balance remaining, and the finished project will be released to you.

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